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Welcome to Vasavi Electronic Project Centre!

We are the first watch servicing company established in 1930 by SRS SUBRAMANIAN Chettiyar in Bodi Nayakkanur, Theni District.

Since 88 years this organisation has been enhancing and enlarging with its innovative projects by his grandson Mr.M.MUTHUSUBRAMANIAN.

We now work on "Talkable Gifts", Really it is a kind of privy, mind boggling and surprising gifts to your loved ones.

We are grateful for the opportunities that have come our way and strive to provide you the best memorable gifts forever.


  • Voice Recordable Greeting Cards
  • Talkable Gift Boxes
  • Laser-based Intruder Alarm
  • Gas Leakage Alarm
  • Cash Box Guard
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Water-Level Indicator Using 7-segment display
  • Automatic Light Controller
  • Anti-sleep Alarm for Students
  • Numeric Water-level Indicator
  • Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester
  • Fire Alarm
  • Car-Reversing Horn With Flasher
  • Multi tone Siren
  • Generator Room Light
  • Liquid Level Alarm
  • Skin Response Meter
  • Solar Panel based Charger & Small LED Lamp
  • Electronic Bicycle Lock
  • Remote-operated Master Switch
  • Midnight Security Light
  • Automated Alarm Circuits
  • Night Alert
  • Wireless Switch
  • Car Anti-theft Guard
  • Smart Vibration Sensor
  • Drinking Water alarm
  • Talkable Gift Clocks
  • Science Projects
  • LED Lighting for Christmas
  • Motorbike Alarm
  • Shutter Guard
  • PC Temperature Alarm
  • Infrared Firecracker Igniter
  • MAT Switch
  • IR Music Transmitter and Receiver
  • Water level indicator With Alarm
  • Water-Level Controller
  • Digital Dice with numeric display
  • Touch Sensitive Musical Bell With Timer
  • Staircase Light With Auto Switch-Off
  • Power Supply failure alarm
  • Sensitive Temperature Switch
  • House Security System
  • Clap Remote Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan
  • Clap Switch
  • Appliance Timer-Cum-Clap Switch
  • Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator
  • Visual AC Mains Voltage Indicator
  • Shadow Alarm
  • Heat-Sensitive Switch
  • Sensitive Vibration Detector
  • Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch