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Voice Recordable Greeting Cards

  • Send your photo, your message and your audio
  • Talkable Birthday Card with Light

    Customized Talkable Birthday Cards

    Customized Talkable Birthday Cards

    Talkable Gift Boxes

  • Watch Boxes with your Voice
  • Talkable Christmas Gift Box
  • Talkable Gift Clocks

  • The clock will have a image of your wish and for very one hour. Bible quotes or Gita quotes or any of your favourable voice quotes can the fixed.
  • Talkable Photos

  • Customized Photo Frames with Voice

    Thirukural Speaking Kids Cut Out Photo Frames

    Talkable Photo Frames

    Table Top Voice Gifts (DEMO)

    Kids Voice Calling Bells

  • Your kids voice can be recorded for the calling bells. (Upto 8 Voices cab be added).
  • Customized Devotional Calling Bells (DEMO)

    Talkable Marriage Cards

    Science Projects

  • Laser-based Intruder Alarm
  • Gas Leakage Alarm
  • Cash Box Guard
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Water-Level Indicator Using 7-segment display
  • Automatic Light Controller
  • Anti-sleep Alarm for Students
  • Numeric Water-level Indicator
  • Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester
  • Fire Alarm
  • Car-Reversing Horn With Flasher
  • Multi tone Siren
  • Generator Room Light
  • Liquid Level Alarm
  • Skin Response Meter
  • Solar Panel based Charger & Small LED Lamp
  • Electronic Bicycle Lock
  • Remote-operated Master Switch
  • Midnight Security Light
  • Automated Alarm Circuits
  • Night Alert
  • Wireless Switch
  • Car Anti-theft Guard
  • Smart Vibration Sensor
  • Drinking Water alarm
  • LED Lighting for Christmas
  • Motorbike Alarm
  • Shutter Guard
  • PC Temperature Alarm
  • Infrared Firecracker Igniter
  • MAT Switch
  • IR Music Transmitter and Receiver
  • Water level indicator With Alarm
  • Water-Level Controller
  • Digital Dice with numeric display
  • Touch Sensitive Musical Bell With Timer
  • Staircase Light With Auto Switch-Off
  • Power Supply failure alarm
  • Sensitive Temperature Switch
  • House Security System
  • Clap Remote Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan
  • Clap Switch
  • Appliance Timer-Cum-Clap Switch
  • Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator
  • Visual AC Mains Voltage Indicator
  • Shadow Alarm
  • Heat-Sensitive Switch
  • Sensitive Vibration Detector
  • Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch